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Korisničko ime JoeyDellit  (pregledi profila: 3 puta)
Ime: JoeyDellit
Poruke: 0 (0.000 po danu)
Datum registracije: 11. Sep 2019, 13:45:25
Poslednja poseta: 11. Sep 2019, 15:10:17
Ukupno online: 2 min.
Godine: Nije dostupno Pol:
Datum rođenja: Nije dostupno
Telefon: SonyEricsson JQ
Lokacija: Poland, Gdansk Poland, Gdansk
Google Talk: WI
Skype: HD
E-mail: Sakriven
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Lični tekst: Also, if you do any bush camping, make sure you do some research on the local wildlife, and make sure you have scent proof containers for food. I just used a rolltop dry bag. Worst animals I had to deal with were spotted hyenas. It needs boss fights in
Status u vezi: U vezi
Trazi: Musko
Veze: Duga veza
Visina: BU cm
Tezina: AV kg
Zanimanje: Computer scientist
Zaposlenje: Nezaposlen
Obrazovanje: Diploma fakulteta
Oblik tela: Par kilograma vise
Boja kose: Celav
Boja očiju: Zelene
Cigarete: Nepusac
Alkohol: Redovno
Narkotici: Da - Redovno
Rasa: Tamnoput
Religija: Agnostik
USB charging backpack travel backpack anti theft baisjt85155
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