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Autor: tolpygin :
is there any program for series60 to show smiles in SMS (like in sonyericsson)?

(01. May 2007, 10:53:42)

Autor: nbnebojsa :
no  :cry:
Autor: Cigla tel. :
A similar kind of question i posted long time ago, and there is only one kind of answer - no.
But you can't "write" smiles in form ":-)" and your friend on SonyEricsson model can't see a nice smiles(it's only small prob., you must know many varieties of them in written language) :[115]:
Autor: XoNNiX :
Valjda ce da bidne nesto za Symbian... :cry:
Autor: sanel_nbg22 :
Koja glupost. Postoje svi moguci i nemoguci programi i dodatci a tako nesto ne :-(

:-) :-( :'( :? :S :/
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