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Korisničko ime Greg73S33  (pregledi profila: 14 puta)
Ime: Greg73S33
Poruke: 0 (0.000 po danu)
Datum registracije: 14. Jan 2020, 13:47:17
Poslednja poseta: 14. Jan 2020, 23:35:31
Ukupno online: 11 min.
Godine: Nije dostupno Pol:
Datum rođenja: Nije dostupno
Telefon: Motorola II
Lokacija: Iceland, Reykjavik Iceland, Reykjavik
Google Talk: DE
Skype: QB
E-mail: Sakriven
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Look at LoL. 10 years of increasing popularity. Why isn't everyone burnt out They play 6 hours a day and 7 days a week!. Follow CNN(CNN)After the shooting in Parkland, Florida, a school district in suburban Erie, Pennsylvania, began formulating a school safety plan. Among its measures: handing out miniature wooden baseball bats to all 500 of its teachers.In an online message, Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall said the bats "could be used as a tool against an active shooter just like any other item in the immediate room," adding that they will remain locked in the classroom and "are only to be used/available in a hard lockdown situation."On social media, however, the idea is being roundly mocked."Congratulations your district is now the laughing stock of the entire country!" wrote a commenter on the district's Facebook page. "What's a teacher gonna do, use their mini baseball bat like a light saber to deflect bullets back at a potential gunman"The move comes as school districts across the country weigh new security measures including possibly arming teachers with guns in the wake of the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people died.Millcreek Township schools issued the new security plan on April 2, along with training for staffers on how to respond to an active shooter situation.Hall told CNN affiliate WSEE on Tuesday that the 16 inch bats, which look like a souvenir sold at a baseball game, cost the district about $1,800.After a flurry of media coverage, Hall posted an updated message Thursday in which he explained the bats were mostly intended to be symbolic a reminder that in [url=]theft proof backpack[/url] the event of a shooting, teachers might have to fight.School district arms students with rocks"They were distributed to our teaching staff as a symbolic reminder of the district's change in its current response from shelter in place (hide) to now include the options of running and/or fighting back," he said."It is not the primary deterrent, but rather it is something that may be used in an emergency situation, and symbolizes our intent to take an active approach to defending our students and staff under threat."How Parkland students feel about their new mandatory clear backpacksCNN reached out to the office of the superintendent for additional comment and was directed to Hall's statement, posted on the district's website.Jon Cacchione, president of the local teachers' union, told WSEE he supports the decision to arm teachers with bats."This is a tool to have in the event we have nothing else," he said. theft proof backpack cheap anti theft [url=]USB charging backpack[/url] [url=]anti theft backpack for travel[/url] travel backpack anti theft [url=]travel backpack anti theft[/url] theft proof backpack pacsafe backpack water proof backpack [url=]anti theft travel backpack[/url] theft backpack [url=]theft proof backpack[/url]. [url=]anti theft backpack[/url] [url=]bobby backpack[/url] [url=]pacsafe backpack[/url]
Lični tekst: Look at LoL. 10 years of increasing popularity. Why isn't everyone burnt out They play 6 hours a day and 7 days a week!. Follow CNN(CNN)After the shooting in Parkland, Florida, a school district in suburban Erie, Pennsylvania, began formulating a sc
Status u vezi: U braku
Trazi: Par
Veze: Duga veza
Visina: JN cm
Tezina: KT kg
Zanimanje: Assistant manager
Zaposlenje: Duze zaposlen
Obrazovanje: Neobrazovan
Oblik tela: Mrsav
Boja kose: Ridja
Boja očiju: Braon
Cigarete: Nepusac
Alkohol: Ne pijem
Narkotici: Da - Povremeno
Religija: Budista
theft proof backpack theft proof backpack ovcleu99544
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