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Telefon: Pantech NS
Lokacija: Sweden, Rottneros Sweden, Rottneros
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E-mail: Sakriven
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Lični tekst: 8 example of a statutory requirement requirement to provide the police with your identity and other related information arises under the Motor Vehicle Act, RSBC 1996 where you are the driver of a vehicle. If stopped by the police you must provide your d
Status u vezi: U braku
Trazi: Zensko
Veze: Dopisivanje
Visina: TA cm
Tezina: XO kg
Zanimanje: Computer support specialist
Zaposlenje: Stalno zaposlen
Obrazovanje: Diploma vise skole
Oblik tela: Gojazan
Boja kose: Svetlo braon
Boja očiju: Crne
Cigarete: Nepusac
Alkohol: U drustvu
Narkotici: Da - Redovno
Rasa: Hispano
Religija: Drugo
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