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Korisničko ime DonDxn386  (pregledi profila: 12 puta)
Ime: DonDxn386
Poruke: 0 (0.000 po danu)
Datum registracije: 12. Jun 2019, 10:25:21
Poslednja poseta: 13. Jun 2019, 00:09:43
Ukupno online: 25 min.
Godine: Nije dostupno Pol:
Datum rođenja: Nije dostupno
Telefon: Qtek TV
Lokacija: France, Olivet France, Olivet
Google Talk: JZ
Skype: ZP
E-mail: Sakriven
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Lični tekst: audio quality in the stock video app iPhone x case But that moment doesn last long after Daenerys hears of the condition of Grey Worm and the Unsullied at Casterly Rock. She is eager to show the Lannisters what she is capable of, but Tyrion and Varys ad
Status u vezi: U vezi
Trazi: Zensko
Veze: Duga veza
Visina: YF cm
Tezina: PJ kg
Zanimanje: Research psychologist
Zaposlenje: Duze zaposlen
Obrazovanje: Doktorat
Oblik tela: Mrsav
Boja kose: Prosed
Boja očiju: Kestenjaste
Cigarete: Nepusac
Alkohol: Ne pijem
Narkotici: Da - Povremeno
Rasa: Indijanac
Religija: Hriscanin
iPhone Cases iPhone Cases lpjjoi40734
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