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Korisničko ime AudryGinn  (pregledi profila: 12 puta)
Ime: AudryGinn
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Datum registracije: 12. Jan 2019, 05:41:06
Poslednja poseta: 12. Jan 2019, 05:41:16
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Datum rođenja: Nije dostupno
Telefon: SonyEricsson
Lokacija: Netherlands, Kudelstaart Netherlands, Kudelstaart
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E-mail: Sakriven
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Lični tekst: If you are shipping cats by rail or air, first check without the pain . carriers and discover their rules for health certificates and suitable shipping cups. It is not advisable to give cats tranquilizers. Some cats can become very aggressive when using t
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Visina: cm
Tezina: kg
Zanimanje: Audiologist
Obrazovanje: Magistrat
Oblik tela: Sportski
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Alkohol: Ne pijem
Narkotici: Da - Povremeno
Rasa: Azijat
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