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Srpsko knjizevno-filosofsko drustvo Filokalija
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Velika kolekcija raznih resursa za umetnike:

Ebook Download Site (Has Every E-Book You Can Think Of)



Anatomy Pictures for Artist Online - Highly Recommended

Loomis - "Figure Drawing For All It's Worth" - Highly Recommended OR

Loomis "Creative Illustration"

Animation World Magazine - Tutorials by Glenn Vilppu Highly Recommended

Fantasy Art Resource Project - Highly Recommended (covers drawing, painting, computers and more)

Scott McDaniel - How to Create Sequential Art[Drawing Comics]

Art by Feng - Highly Recommended [How I Work]

Doug Chiang - Star Wars Concept Artist - Highly Recommended [Studio Tips]

Don Seegmiller Art - Traditional & Digital Artist, Great Tutorial Section (Short Videos Too) - Highly Recommended

Anticz - Ron Lemen - Heads and Hands [Learn]

Art Lessons by Bob McLeod

How to Draw Manga

Online Manga University - Drawing Tutorials

Polykarbon - Anime Drawing & Photoshop Tutorials

Saunders Creative aka WacoMonkey - Form and Designing [Resources > Tutorials ]

TeamGT Studios - Perspective, Shadow and Good Digital Painting Tutorial

The Drawing Board - Secrets of Comicbook Art (All Stages of Comic Production)

Victor Navone - Animator and Designer (Recommended Book List)

Agent44 - How to Create a Mech - Drawing Process in Creating Comics

How to Draw Anime

How to Draw South Park Style - Drawing Tutorial to Draw the South Park Style


Sijun Tutorials - Drawing Habits, Basic Drawing & Head Drawing


These are some links to amazon and other resources to give a listing of texts that are invaluable for different sorts of drawing fundamentals and ideas




Here are two truncated texts that summarize fairly well some of the information in Andrew Loomis' various out of print books


Digital Ninja - Styles, Pens, Setup, Details, Outlines, Erasing and Finishing

Meth Art - Tools, Line Widths, Hatching & Feathering

Larry Dempsey's Comic Book Inking Survey [More Tips & Techniques]

Art Play Boy - Inking Tools of Jason Martin

Al's PhotoShop Tutorial - Inking Digitally


Comic Colours - 'Cuts' Colouring [tutorials tab]

Duder's Comic Colouring Tutorial

Figma - "How to's" on Comic & Digital Colouring, Lettering and Writing

HiFi Colour Design - Tutorials About Colour

How to Draw Manga - Anime Colour and Shading

Merekatcreations Colouring [tutorials tab]

Mindstorm - Lizard Colouring

Adi Granov - Mixed Media [tutorials link]

Britney's Room Colouring Tutorial

Fred - Comic Colouring With Layers

Genesoul - Hair, cel-style and OpenCanvas[Tutorials]

Halls of Creation - Mood/Tinting and Preparing Artwork for Colouring

Meth Art - Cuts Tutorial

MV Creations - Flats Tutorial - Colouring Jewels, Translucent Objects, Magic Effects & Highlights - Colouring "The Bean"

Psionic Design - Digital Textures

RD Graphics - Cartoon Colouring and Texturing [Tips]

Tenth Planet Art - Colouring Digitally

Colour theory::

Art Studio Chalkboard - Colour Wheel and Colour Complements

Colour Matters - Colour Theory

Colour Theory - Theories of Colour, Light and Photochemical Processes

Extensive List of Colour Theory Books

Sijun Thread on Colour Theory

The PolyParrot - Colour Tricks, Tips and Recipes

Digital art / 3D / Multimedia::

Craig Mullins Digital Painting Tutorial - Highly Recommended

3D Cafe - Huge 3D Resource

Anticz - 3D Modelling and Animation [Learn]

How to Animate

Animation Backgrounds

Anime Sample Site

Art Renewal Center - Old Masters Painting Tips

Designs by Mark - Photoshop Digital Creation [tips]

Eyewoo - Digital Painting

Joachim Art - Creating a Mech / Character Digitally [Art > Tutorials]

Loki's Digital Illustration Outpost - Digital Matte Painter [Digital Illustration]

Painter Techniques

Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorials

Wacom Tips - PS, Painter, Flash, Tablet and Other Tips

Industrial Light and Magic - "Portrait Series" - Video on Staff

Writing and resources::

Williamsullivan Advertising - Writing for Comic Books

J. Michael Straczynski - Writer of Tv's Murder, She Wrote, Jake and the Fatman, The New Twilight Zone and The Real Ghostbusters

Highly recommended / Inspiration sites::

Mark Harden's Artchive - Massive Collection of Great Artists, Theory & Criticism

Caravaggio - Master with Good High Resolution Images

Craig Mullins - Brilliant Photoshop Matte Painter

Scott Robertson & Neville Page - Concept Artists

Miles Teves - Illustrator, Painter and Concept Artist

Vebjorn Strommen - Conan Painter Artist

Gerry Alanguilan - Art Tips on General Comic Issues

Anders Finer - Traditional, Digital and 3D Artist

Angel of Joy - CG and Traditional Artist

Artgolem - Matthew Bayne - Illustrator, Animator, and Designer

Baxa Art - Illustrator and Concept Artist

Bob Peak - Movie Posters, Magazine Covers and Illustrations

Bradford deCaussin - Traditional, Digital and 3D Artist

Dan Brereton - Comic Book Artist

Den Beauvais - Illustrator and 3D Artist

Derek Thompson - Illustrator of Monsters

Devils Tower Frontier Museum - Traditional Painting

Digital Art - Huge Array of Artists and Styles

Douglas Carrel - Illustrator

FilRobb - Illustrator and Concept Artist for EA

Flying Islands - Digital Artistry (aka ceenda)

Frank Frazetta - Traditional Painter

Frank Vitale - Digital Artist

Iron Dragon Image Archive - Lots of Great Images of Females/Dragons/Knights in Various Media

Jake Parker - Illustrator

Jeffrey R. Watts - Scenic Oil Painter

Jim Warren - Canvas Painter

John Buscema - Comic Book Artist

Justin Sweet Gallery - Great Paintings and Drawings

Leyendecker and Rockwell Pieces

Morgan Weistling - Painter with an Interesting Style

Mike May - Illustrator

Odd Nerdrum - Classical Painter

Rinaldo - Digital Artist

Rolozo Tolkien Artist Alan Lee - Tolkien Artist Imagery

Rolozo Tolkien Artist John Howe - Tolkien Artist Imagery

RON LEMEN'S Site - Illustrator and Digital Artist

Rowan Dobbs - Digital Artist

Sylvain Despretz - Illustrator and Concept Movie Artist

Syd Mead - Illustrator and Concept Designer

Synj - Unusual Animations

Terence McKenna - Interesting Artist and 'Writer'

Other tutorials::

PolyKarbon Thread - Links to Various Categories of Tutorials

Prometheus Spawning Grounds - Materials & Practice

Great Overview Of An Artist's Process On A Batgirl Image

Informative orb & eatpoo threads::

Art Books;t=50

Art Schools;t=13

Comic Colouring;t=165

Creating A Story: Take 1;t=29

Creating A Story: Take 2;t=29

Creating A Story: The World, Real People, Fantastic World;t=49

Preparing Artwork for Colouring - General Ideas;f=2;t=27

Preparing Artwork for Colouring - Blue Pencil Lines;t=33

Koro's guide to conventional tone - *Big DL
*PDF -

Image resources and stock photography/references::

Anatomy Pictures of Artist - Images of People and Animals for Artists

Animetryx - Capcom and Final Fantasy Art

Corbis - Searchable Stock Photography

Costumer's Manifesto - Clothing, Costumes and Accessories for Many Time Periods

Dinosaur Pictures - Very Large Selection of Dinosaur Illustrations

Ditto - Visual Search Engine

Egypt and Art - Images of Egyptian Art

Fighters Generation - Huge Library of Fighting Game Characters and Artwork

Fotosearch - Searchable Stock Photography

Getty Images - Searchable Stock Photography

Images Central - Images from All Major Publishers

John Cang Photography - Stock Images of Animals

Medievil Gowns - Photos of Medievil Female Gowns

Philip's House of Stock Photography - "Free" Large Resolution Searchable Stock Photography

Photo Central - Searchable Photos (Type "nudes" in Search for People Ref)

Photovault - Searchable Stock Photography

RedWolf Airsoft - Images of All Types of Guns

Reference Image Archive - Images of People, Animals, Weapons, Vehicles etc

The 28th Floor - Nice Figure Studies/Nude Photos

Webshots - Large Selection of Photos in Various Categories

Weststock - Searchable Stock Photography

Male Reference ::

Artist portals, directories & general resources::

Creating Comics - Resources on writing, illustration, Lettering, Submitting, Self Publishing, Networking and Other - Highly Recommended

Sumaleth's Link Archive - Huge Listing of Art Links [Highly Recommended]

About's Comic Books Listing

Abouts Comic Books Publishing Listing

Bud Plant - Good For Ordering Books In & Out of Print. Mini Biographies

Comic Artist Direct

Comic Book Resources

Commissions on Copyrighted Characters - Sijun Thread

Digital Webbing

dmoz Directory Listing - Books on Monsters, Animals and Perspective

Fun Comics - Huge Listing of Publishers and Creative Talent


Online Comic Artist Directory

Original Comic Art Websites - Links of Comic Book Artists

Small Press Comics - Information Relating to Small Press

The Comics Journal - Information About Comics From an Art-First Perspective

Writing for Comics - Glossary of Terms in Comics

Online comic strips::

4 Seats Left


Art schools::

Art Center



Pratt Institute


San Francisco Art Institute


School of Visual Arts


Watts Atelier

General List For All States In Australia

Julian Ashton Art School

Hardware / Software::

Jasc - PaintShop Pro, Virtual Painter, Web Draw

Adobe - PhotoShop, Illustrator

Corel - Painter, Bryce

Curious Labs - Poser

Macromedia - Flash, Director, Dreamweaver

Wacom - Graphics Tablets

Izvor: whitetigerx

Autor: Makišon :
Retke knjige

Ovaj sajt je pravi dokaz da knjizi ne treba suditi prema koricama! Iako prilično skromnog izgleda, Rare Books Room krije u sebi pravo bogatstvo. Naime, ovde se čuvaju digitalne fotografije nekih od najređih knjiga iz najvećih svetskih biblioteka. Fotografije su urađene u visokoj rezoluciji, tako da jedna stranica knjige može da „teži” i 200 MB. Do danas je na ovaj način digitalizovano oko 400 knjiga, a jedna od sačuvanih retkosti je i Gutenbergova Biblija iz 1455. godine, koja se čuva u američkoj Kongresnoj biblioteci.

Autor: Makišon :

korisnici sa drugima stvaraju i dele svoje definicije različitih reči. Na ovaj način tzv. tinejdžerski rečnik ili hip-hop fraze nijednoj majci neće ostati nepoznanica. Mi smo, na primer, saznali šta označavaju reči „smut” ili „smex”, koje se toliko često koriste na forumuma ovih dana, a naučili smo i kako se pravilno obraća osobi u Japanu.

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