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Strele su jeftine zasto ih praviti sam ,

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Ako odete u sekciju  Archery imate lep izbor kompakt lukova ,mada licno ja vise volim samostrel jer je uvek spreman i ima duplo jaci udarni pritisak .Opticki i laserski nisan je opcija ali je vrlo jeftin a sto se tice kanapa ili zice
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The Classic Longbow
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Dozvola za lov na crvenu srnu u Poljskoj za tri dana i cetri noci kosta 600 evra.

A za prolecnu sezonu u Kirovu za lov na fazane je 1881 evro
Grouse hunting in

Za Lov sa lukom i strelom najefikasnija je daljina od 15 metara tako da je sve u prikradanju i pripremi.

Uputstvo za pravljenje obicnog dugog luka.

Longbows have long been used in warfare and for hunting. In the Middle Ages, they were highly effective against armies of knights. The English longbow was made of yew and was about the size of a man. Warriors in Japan used longbows made of red oak. The longbow held its own until it was superseded by firearms in the 16th century. You can make a basic longbow out of materials found in your backyard.

Difficulty: Easy
Instructions.Things You'll Need:

Sapling branch

Look for saplings. A good bow should be both strong and supple. Select a branch about 6 feet long. Test it out: Bend it and see whether it springs back. Make sure it can take a considerable amount of pressure.

Cut a nock near each end of the sapling. The nock is the small slit that holds the bowstring in place. Tie some string to the nock at the top end of your bow. Bend the bow, then tie the free end of the string to the other nock. The string should be taut, and your sapling should be in the shape of a bow. Cut off any excess string.

Find some straight sticks that you can use as arrows. Longbow arrows should be about 3 feet long. The sticks should be as straight as possible. Trim off any knobs or other protrusions. Use a knife to shape the head of each arrow. You will be creating something like a pencil point.

Add strength to your arrows by charring them in a fire. Hold the point of each arrow in the flame until it blackens. Do not let it actually catch fire. The charring hardens the point. Cut a nock at the the other end of the arrow. This nock will be the slit that rests against the bowstring when you shoot.

Instrukcije za pravljenje tradicionalnog dugog luka .

Bow stave
Marking tool (pencil or charcoal)
Measuring tape
drawknife or planer
rattail saw
handgrip material
steel wool
linseed oil

Making a Traditional Longbow
Select a piece of wood to make your bow. The accepted "gold standard" for bow wood is yew, though many other hardwoods like ash, Osage Orange and hickory make serviceable alternatives.

Depending on how authentic you want your bow-making experience to be, you can either cut down a tree or purchase the wood at a lumber yard; in either case, you will need a strip of wood that is free of rot, twigs or knots. The strip, or stave, should stand nearly as tall as the intended user and be roughly three inches wide and three inches thick. (Reference 1)

Mark the center of the stave from tip to tip; this is where your hand grip will be. Measure one foot in both directions (up and down, toward the ends of the bow) and mark with a pencil; this two-foot length defines the handle. (Reference 1)

Plane or file the sides of the bow with a drawknife or jack plane, working out from the center of the bow (the handle) where the width should be 1 and 1/2 inches. Taper the ends as you approach the tips; the width at the bow tips should be 3/4 inch.

Secure the bow in a vise, preferably with the sap wood side facing down. (If you cut the wood yourself, it should be easy to tell which side of the wood is the sap wood; if you bought it at the lumber yard, you may be able to tell from the growth rings.) With a drawknife, shave the back side of the bow to a thickness of 1 and 1/4 inches at center (handle) and tapering to a thickness of 1/2 inch at tips. (Reference 1) Trim away the "corners" where the back meets the sides. At this point, the cross section of your bow's belly should be a full Roman arch. (Reference 1)

Cut nocks at each of the tips using a rattail file. Cut laterally into the sides of the tip, making a 1/8-inch deep groove all around. Horn tips can be attached for added strength, if desired.

Train your bow either by using a tiller or by hand. In either method, the bow is repeatedly bent as if to string it, shallowly at first but increasing the arc each time, with rests in between for the wood to recover. Eventually, it is pulled enough that it can be fully strung. Stringing an untrained or untillered bow usually results in a broken or cracked bow.

String your bow with a dacron bowstring, commonly found in hunting supply stores.

Finish your bow by winding a handgrip around the handle; leather, fishing line and pigskin are the most commonly used materials for grips. Sand the wood with fine paper and steel wool, then treat and seal with shellac and linseed oil.

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Pazite samo ako napravite il kupite samostrel - da se ne samoustrelite   :chuckel:
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Pazite samo ako napravite il kupite samostrel - da se ne samoustrelite   :chuckel:

To sam pre nekog dana procitao u CKM novini,pored slike samostrela! :) Inace napravio sam luk,stavicu slike da cujem sta mislite. . .
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Evo nekih slika,jos uvek nisam zavrsio,treba jos malo podesavanja,da ujednacim krake,mada su vec sada veoma onda fino smirglanje i lakiranje. Tetiva je samo postavljena da nategne luk,nije ona koju cu koristiti pri gadjanju.


Saveti su dobrodosli!
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Uuuu! Pa ovo je ozbiljan dizajn - malo haevy meatl ili tako nesto ? :-k :-k :-k
Bravo! =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> :flower: :wave:
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