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Autor: vicko111 :
ako imate probleme sa symbian igrama na n70 (smrzavanje, nemoguče startanje...) probajte ovaj savjet sa nekog foruma...

ΝΟΤΕ for everyone here who might have problems with his phone when installing NGAGE games....

The following N-Gage Libs have been found to be the cause of system instability on Series60 phones:

* ECom.dll
* EComServer.exe
* Http.dll
* Httptcphnd.dll
* INetProtUtil.dll
* securesocket.dll
* ssladaptor.dll
* Stringpool.dll

Problems include:
* Problems recording video
* application crashes on exiting some games/apps (including non N-Gage games!)
* Random phone reboots in some games/apps (including non N-Gage games!)

Deleting these files from your System/Libs folder and then performing a reboot of your handset should improve system stability and still allow you to play N-Gage games. If an N-Gage game requires one or more of these files simply copy the required file(s) to the GAMES own folder (not the Libs folder!).

ESPECIALLY for the ECom.dll file, please (even if you dont like following the above), DELETE IT from the libs folder. This one is the reason that N70 may stuck without turning on etc. THERE IS NO REASON FOR FORMAT just delete this file (if not all the above) from the system\libs folder.....

(01. May 2007, 10:53:42)

Autor: kope :
Ako ti nije problem, postavi to ovde. -----> [All about NGage games working on s60 phones]

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