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Robert Doisnea (April 14, 1912 - April 1, 1994) was a French photographer noted for his frank and often humorous depictions of Parisian street life.

Among his most recognizable work is Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville ("Kiss by the Hotel de Ville"), a photo of a couple kissing in the busy streets of Paris, which has come to represent the French manner of living, accurately or not, to many parts of the world. The original print of this iconic image was sold for 155,000 Euros by Françoise Bornet, the woman in the photograph, at an auction in April 2005. Bornet and her then boyfriend Jacques Carteaud posed for the seemingly spontaneous photo in 1950.

Doisneau's work gives unusual prominence and dignity to children's street culture; returning again and again to the theme of children at play in the city, unfettered by parents. His work treats their play with seriousness and respect.


> 1912 Born in Gentilly, Val-de-Marne
> 1929 Graduated from lithography school l'Ecole Estienne in Chantilly
> 1930 Camera assistant to sculptor André Vigneau
> 1932 First photo story in Excelsior (French magazine)
> 1934-39 Publicity photographer for Renault; fired for truancy
> 1939 Drafted into the French army ("la Résistance") during World War II, where he acted as a soldier, photographer and printer
> 1946 Joined the Rapho photo agency
> 1949-52 Photographer for French Vogue
> 1992 Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
> 1994 Died in Montrouge
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Picasso and the loaves
Robert Doisneau
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Angels and Leeks
Robert Doisneau
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Cesar Baldaccini (The Sculptor Cesar in his Workshop), Paris
Robert Doisneau
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Bistro at Arcueil
Robert Doisneau
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