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Autor: Milosh :
Slusao sam ga pre nekog vremena na TV-u i zainteresovali me je to sto prica.Znate li nesto vise o njemu?Da li neko ima neku njegovu knjigu?
Autor: montenegrina :
O cemu prica?
Autor: SerbianFighter :
prim. dr. sc. Todor I. Jovanovic

  Born in 1935 in Vrani Do, Kosovo and Metohia

  Graduated from the School of Medicine of the Belgrade University in 1962

  Finished specialization in 1974

  Received the title of Primarius in 1976  

  D.Sc. degree since 1979  


Primarius D.Sc. Todor I. Jovanovic devoted his many years research work to fight against, the allegedly incurable, acquired diseases and gave an indisputable contribution in the field of immunology to understanding of many metabolic and immunologic processes in the human organism.

The crown on his 40-year period in the field of immunobiology is the preparation TODoXIN®, which proved, through its many year application, efficient as a supplement in nutrition of healthy and sick persons in renewal of energetic balance and immune system of the organism. Primarius D.Sc. Todor Jovanovic pays a special attention to patients suffering from HIV/AIDS and cancerous diseases.

He did his research in respectable world institutions and cooperated with the most famous experts in this field of science. According to the evaluation of Karolinska Institute from Stockholm TODoXIN® is a powerful activator of the immunobiological system. With great help of the scientists from the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA, a detailed examination of the preparation TODoXIN® was carried out.

At the end of 1991, after he had decided to verify his product TODoXIN® in one of the important world laboratories, he addressed the National Laboratory in Toronto, Canada, which has its branches in all of the five continents. The research results were impressive and for the first time the reactive substances of this preparation were detected.

One of the largest world companies on HIV/AIDS was held in 1994 in Jokohama, Japan. Prim. D.Sc. Todor I. Jovanovic submitted two papers. The co-authors in the first paper were the scientists from the National Institute for Cancer, USA, and in the second, from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Prim. D.Sc. Todor I. Jovanovic participated also in the 11th International Conference on AIDS, in 1996 in Vancouver, where he also had a submitted and accepted paper.

However, what had happened in the World AIDS Conference in Jokohama, in 1994 to "Benetton" as the biggest donor for curing children affected by HIV/AIDS infections - when their works were rejected from the program of the Conference because the results did not meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry - it happened in Vancouver to TODoXIN®. In all the stands there were prospects, the halls were rented, Canadian television and journalists, eminent experts from the Institute "Robert Koch" from Berlin, Institute "Pasteur" from Paris and other world institutes were present, the registration fees were paid. About 15% of documentation of the Institute "Robert Koch", as well as the report from this Conference were, apart from these 1,500 papers, devoted to TODoXIN® program, as the only promising therapy. Presentation of TODoXIN®, which lasted 80 minutes, was made by Clive Loveday, full professor of virology and immunology at the School of Medicine of the London University, who is the director of reference laboratory in the Royal Free Hospital equipped and financially supported by European Union and which is accredited for approval of drugs in Europe. Even a film has been made. A general evaluation was that the TODoXIN® therapy is the only one which promises in the further fight against HIV. In spite of that, the paper was not published among the papers presented in this Conference. Yet, this paper was published in the journal "raum&zeit" before the Conference. (Jovanovic, T., Tedder, R. S., Loveday, C., Kaye, S., Nasartnam, S.: "The prolonged virological and clinical efficacy of Todoxin in the treatment of HIV-1 infection", "raum&zeit", No. 82, 1996, 81 - 93)

In the year 1998, in the Geneva Conference, TODoXIN® program was followed with remarkable interest and evaluated again as the only promising therapy. Since 1993, Prim. D.Sc. Todor I. Jovanovic cooperated with the first team which developed one of the most efficient methods of PCR in the world and which controlled "CONCORD" and "DELTA" study and refuted the standard HIV therapy with nucleoside analogues.

At the moment, he lives and works in Belgrade. He has a herbal pharmacy, plant for production of TODoXIN® dietetic product, based on honey and herbs, a plant for lyophilisation in the School of Agriculture of Belgrade University in Zemun and experimental farm of domestic animals. He wrote 6 books and 5 radio dramas. Two more books are being prepared (on the most recent views of fighting cancer and AIDS).

Working experience::

Ministry of Interior of the Republic Serbia, at Dr. Todoric

The School of Sciences and Mathematics of the Belgrade University, at Prof. Dr. Slobodanka Veljkovic

INEP (Institute for Application of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture) in Zemun, at Dr. Kapor

IHTM (Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy) in Belgrade, at Prof. Dr.. Ivkovic

The School of Technology and Metallurgy of the Belgrade University, at Prof. Dr. Ivkovic

School of Mining and Geology of Belgrade University, at Prof. Dr. Djordjevic

Institute "Boris Kidric" in Vinca, at Prof. Dr. Toma Nenadovic, Prof. Dr. Cerovic, Prof. Dr. Marinkovic, Prof. Dr. Janjic

Military Engineering Institute in Belgrade, at Dr. Voja Simic

National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, USA

National Laboratory in Toronto, Canada

School of Medicine of London University, England

Royal Free Hospital in London, England

Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden

Institute "Robert Koch" in Berlin, Germany

Federal Institute for Foodstuffs in Graz, Austria

Laboratory in Zurich

Autor: atos :
Ne znam da li je jos aktuelno, ali ja imam nekoliko njegovih knjiga a i koristila sam Todoxin1.Meni je sve to veoma prijalo, jer je covek "van granica". :D
Autor: Truman :
Sad sam na sajmu kupio njegovu knjigu "Srbiji na zdravlje". Na kraju knjige nalaze se njegovi navodni razgovori sa 
velikim srpskim naucnicima. Ko ce ga znati da li je u pravu ili je lud...
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