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"The Russian Lesson" featuring Katarina Nikita

She is a phantastic beauty who works as an international model, tall and
very sporty. Katarina has Russian roots and is a former professional gymnast
who today is training martial arts and is able to kill somebody.
A very slow learner takes a private lesson in Russian at her home. She already is
waiting for him in her flat and tells him, that she is a very strict teacher in Russian.
She askes him to sit on the sofa beside her and gives him  a folder and a pen.
Now she sarts to teach him the comon phrases, first in  English than in Russian and
he has to repeat all in Russian. His pronunciation is so bad that she makes him
to repeat again and again. But this student is such an indifferent stubborn, that´s
why he has to learn the hard way.
Now she starts to mangle him with her legs and arms and also smothering his face
under her magnificent butt. You´ll see her legs wrapped around his poor neck
wringing the correct phrases out of him. Just to see her vibrating ass when she
applies one  lethal reverse scissors after the other  makes this video a masterpiece.
At the end she forces him to come each day for a new lesson.
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